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Calming Places Card Set: 20 Guided Meditations to Soothe & Comfort

In moments of stress, there may be nothing better to soothe our spirits than to focus our thoughts on places we know can bring us calm: a beach, a woodland, a river, the stars, but also more domestic places — the company of friends, the pages of a good book, or a soft and reassuring bed.

We've gathered together some of the most calm-inducing places in the world and evoked them on handsome cards with extraordinary photography and resonant and sensory language. Here are twenty invitations to travel in our minds to places that can restore us to our best, most balanced selves: standing by the seashore, appreciating a warm summer breeze, taking in the majesty of the night sky...

We are invited to keep the wider world at bay for a while as we imagine ourselves back in places that reopen us to serenity and gratitude. A few minutes with these cards work an immediate effect, helping us to gather our strengths and return refreshed and composed for the challenges ahead.

How to Use The Cards:

  1. Explore the cards; choose the place that calls out to you at this moment.
  2. Read the essay describing its therapeutic benefits, contemplating the lessons it can teach you.
  3. Embark on the guided meditation - following invitations to see, hear, feel, focus and savour - to summon a state of wise serenity.

Meditation Topics Include:

  • The Milkyway
  • Bed
  • Dusk
  • The Long Train Journey
  • The Face of a Stranger
  • The Earth from the Air

- 20 leaflets in box, Colour photographs

Size: 220 x 160 x 30mm

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